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The High Way: A Simple Bible Study. Table of Contents

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The High Way: A Simple Bible Study.

Table of Contents

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Study Summary

This simple Bible study is designed for teens. Over the course of eight weeks, we will embark on a profound journey exploring

  • Who is God?

  • What is God's Kingdom Like?

  • Why Did Jesus Come?

  • Why You Should Choose Jesus

Study Focus

The primary aim of this study is to help you shift your life to a higher way of thinking and living.

Living from a higher perspective begins with aligning your thoughts and actions with those of God. Its about the choice to understand and embrace God's ways.


Step 1: Download the Chicks Ministry- For Teens App.

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What You'll Find in the App?

  • Ideas & help to complete your study

  • Ask questions and share your thoughts in the post comments

  • Links to the Faithful Chicks Podcast

  • The Chicks Shop sells Christian products

  • Information About Chicks Ministry & Kelly Kirstein

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Step 3: Clicks the Links in the Table of Contents to Help You Study Each Week


Table of Contents:

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  • Get Started: The High Way Study Group

  • The High Way: Promo & Ground Rules

Study Overview

  Welcome to "The High Way," a simple and engaging Bible study designed specifically for teens. This study aims to provide a deeper understanding of who God is, what his kingdom is like, and what it means to be his child.

  This journey will help you shift your life to a higher way of thinking and living, aligning your thoughts and ways of Jesus.

Why would you want to do that? It makes life better.


Weeks 1 & 2

Focus Question: Who is God?

God is all knowing, all powerful, and present everywhere at the same time. He is a loving Father, and a forgiving Lord. He is the Creator of the universe, the author of life, and the ruler of all things seen and unseen. Understanding God requires faith, love, and a willingness to accept His word as truth.

Week 1: pg.7

Focus: God is a Loving Father and Our Creator.

Week 2: pg.14

Focus: God's Nature and Character


Weeks 3 & 4

Focus Question: Who Am I As a Child of God?

 Being God's child is not merely about believing in God, but about living in a relationship with Him. It's about accepting His love, following His teachings, and striving to reflect His character in our lives. Being a child of God means being part of the Kingdom family, inheriting His promises, and sharing in His eternal glory.

Week 3: pg.21

Focus: Identity Connected to God's Design

  • The High Way: Week 3 Journal Ideas

  • Instagram Live: Week 3

Week 4: pg.28

Focus: Accepting Your Identity and Being Set Free

  • The High Way: Week 4 Journal Ideas

  • Instagram Live: Week 4


Weeks 5 & 6

Focus Question: What is God's Kingdom Like?

The kingdom of God is unlike any earthly kingdom. It transcends physical boundaries and human comprehension. It's a kingdom filled with peace, love, righteousness, and joy. It's a kingdom that is both now and not yet, already within us but not available unless Christ is your savior. The Kingdom of God is where His will reigns supreme, where His love is the law, and where His grace is the currency.

Week 5: pg.35

How to Enter God's Kingdom.

  • The High Way: Week 5 Journal Ideas

  • Instagram Live: Week 5

Week 6: pg.42

Focus: The Difference Between the Kingdom of Light and the Kingdom of Darkness

  • The High Way: Week 6 Journal Ideas

  • Instagram Live: Week 6


Week 7

Focus Question: Why Jesus Came

He came to reveal God's love and plan for the salvation of humanity. Jesus' life, teachings, and sacrificial death were all demonstrations of God's love for His creation.

Week 7: pg.49

Focus: How Jesus Defeated Death

  • The High Way: Week 7 Journal Ideas

  • Instagram Live: Week 7


Week 8

Focus Question: Why You Should Choose Jesus

Choosing Jesus is a decision with eternal consequences. The Bible teaches that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and that no one can come to the point of reconciliation with God except through Him (John 14:6).

By choosing Jesus, you are choosing forgiveness and eternal life. His death on the cross is believed to have atoned for the sins of humanity, and His resurrection offers the hope of eternal life to all who believe.

Furthermore, choosing Jesus means choosing to live a life of love and service. Jesus taught His followers to love their neighbors as themselves and to serve those in need.

Week 8: pg.57

Focus: The Next Steps After Choosing Jesus

  • The High Way: Week 8 Journal Ideas

  • Instagram Live: Week 8


Bonus Pages

Kingdom-Minded Bonus Pages: pg.65

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