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S2 E2. Choose Light: The Power of Your Choices.

God is Light. The Power of Your Choice for Light

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This Post will Help You Complete Week 2

Sum it up: understanding God’s character builds trust and allows you to choose the good things he has to offer.

Have you ever struggle with the way you feel about yourself or your life? It can seem like other people have it all. They got the brains, the athletic ability, and the looks, while somehow you got passed over.

Why does God give some people beauty and riches, while other people seem to have terrible situations? Does he purposely make some people's life really hard?

The simple answer: I don't know why it feels like some people get ripped off, while other people seem to have a life that sets them up for success.


Our choices and the choices of the people that are close to us impact our lives more than we understand.

When kids are born into families with addiction, abuse, or dysfunctional patterns, they pay the price for their parents decision to live outside of God's will.

How do I know that those things aren't God's will? Because I have spent years building relationship with God and studying the Bible to learn about his character and nature.

Living in the world you have come to know a little about the way darkness presents versus the way light presents.

God himself is light, and he represents all that is good in the world, as he defines good. The light brings life, health, perfection, wisdom, knowledge, &morality.

Darkness denies that God exists and refuses to follow the authority of good & light, whether it is the law or the ways of God's kingdom. The deeper the darkness the harsher the crimes, such as murder or sex trafficking. Deception, lies, fear, and confusion come out of the dark kingdom.

Satan is the leader of the dark kingdom. His primary goal is to steal and kill and destroy (John 10:10). He is the enemy of God, so he will try to lead you to do things that oppose God and will eventually destroy you.

You've probably seen it happen and didn't realize it was Satan's influence. The beautiful girl who tries heroine, looking for a good time. One step at a time the addiction sucks the life and looks out of her until she is sunken in, missing teeth, and looks like a walking dead person.

Or the mother who neglects her children to the point they are dirty, starving, and traumatized. That is the work of darkness. Not God.

Through a relationship with God, you can learn to discern good and evil in this world, which protects you. It also allows you to live a powerful life, where you can fight back against darkness.

Are you ready for a change? To feel powerful and whole?

The Shift to a Higher Way of Thinking

A person's feet climbing stairs

Isaiah 55:8-9 tells us that as heaven is higher than the earth, God's ways and thoughts are vastly superior to ours. His wisdom is unsearchable, His understanding is infinite, and His perspective is eternal.

As we immerse ourselves in this Bible study and seek to understand God, His kingdom, and our place in it, let's try continue to understand God a little more.

Why Choose Light?

  1. Choosing to live in the light and embracing God's higher ways changes your perspective, causing a ripple effect of good things in your life.

  2. Choosing light builds resilience, which helps you make it through obstacles and hard times in life.

  3. Choosing light leads to fulfillment. As your life aligns to God's will you will understand yourself better and find true value for your gifts and connection to God.

Practical Steps to Choose Light

  1. Make Time

  2. Make An Effort to Learn About God

  3. Pray to Understand

  4. Apply What You Learn

  5. Reflect On Your Choices with Holy Spirit

Choices are powerful steps impact your destiny. By choosing light, you embrace what God says is good in the world, which will open your eyes to your purpose. Be mindful to include God in your decisions.

Choose light and let it establish your path.

Week 2: Who Is God?

Teen Bible Study

Short Cut to Fill in the Daily Verses

Look for the small page number on each picture. Some pages have multiple verses

Write the verse on your journal page.

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