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S2 E3. Identity: Pro Tip to Learn to Love Your Life

Understanding Identity Helps You Love Your Life


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This Post will Help You Complete Week 3

This Bible study is not just about gaining knowledge. It's about transformation. It's about turning from our own flawed ways and embracing God's higher and loving ways.

Being God's child is not merely about believing in God, but about living in a relationship with Him. It's about accepting His love, following His teachings, and striving to reflect His character in our lives. Being a child of God means being part of the Kingdom family, inheriting His promises, and sharing in His eternal glory.


Discovering Identity As A Child of God

If you are contemplating your life or struggling with your place in this world--congratulations-- you are in the right place. Thanks to the media we are bombarded with beauty, style, and plastic surgery messages, which can leave us wondering how to keep up.

If this feels relatable, what if I told you that you don't have to keep up. Whether it's your looks, grades, clothes, or whatever, there's something more to life than trying to win at the game of being the It-girl.

A signature mentality to stepping out of the harmful trap of proving your worth is to surrender the need to take part in the competition. This doesn't mean you can't wear cute cloths or enjoy doing your makeup. Instead you stop trying out do people or to get an army followers, choosing to pursue understanding of God's unique design for you.

Think about it. You have quirks and personality traits that are unique to you. Even identical twins aren't exactly the same in passions, mannerisms, and temperament. Why is that?

God has unique plans and purpose for every individual living on this planet. Thank to the 'Kingdom Effect,' believers that surrender their lives to Christ begin to see things through the intentional design of the creator, God.

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The Shift to a Higher Way of Thinking

So Who Are You?

Take a moment to write your answer to that question. Do you define yourself through your achievements, gifts, talents, your heritage, or material possessions?

God's love is unconditional. By choosing to accept his love and your position as his child, you can rest in the fact that he created you with value. You don't need to add anything or do anything to prove your worth.

Instead you surrender each day, stepping into God's plans and partnering with God to fulfill his plans.

  1. Seek First the Kingdom of God (Matthew 6:33). Spend time in prayer and meditation, asking God to reveal His plans for you. The more you connect with Him, the clearer your purpose becomes.

  2. Embrace Your Uniqueness (Jeremiah 29:11). God created you with plans that will give you a hope and a future. Use these gifts to serve others and glorify Him.

  3. Let Go of Comparisons (Galatians 1:10). Comparing yourself to others only leads to people pleasing and makes it impossible to recognize the will of God because you are consumed by what people think of you. Remember, your journey is unique, and God’s plans for you are perfectly tailored to your life.

  4. Trust God in Process (Psalm 37:5). Sometimes, the path to your purpose may not be clear. Trust that God is guiding you, even when you can’t see the end result. His timing is perfect, and His plans are always for your benefit.

Loving Your Life

When we align our lives with God’s purpose, we experience a profound sense of peace and fulfillment. We begin to see our worth not through the lens of the world, but through God’s eyes. This shift in perspective allows us to live more authentically and joyfully.

In conclusion, finding your identity and purpose through God is the key to a fulfilling life. It frees you from the pressures of societal expectations and anchors you in the unwavering love and purpose that God has for you. So, take a step today towards discovering who you are in Him, and embrace the beautiful journey He has planned for you.

Week 3 Child of God

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