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The High Way Journal: Week 13 Journal Prompts

Do you want to take back your power? Are you tired of feeling tossed around by the things that happen in life?

Choosing to be publicly baptized can be a changing day in your life. It is a stepping forward that expresses your decision to live a life for Christ.

It means you are able to break free of your past, have power over your present, and step into the plans God has for your future.

The High Way Journal, By Kelly Kirstein, is a guided journal that helps you build faith in Jesus. This post offers one slide per day with simple questions to help you complete each page of Week 13. Get closer to God one verse at a time.


Day 1: Journal Pg. 82

  1. Do you need help? Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

  2. Take a deep breath. Anchor yourself in the truth that you are not alone in your struggle. Listen for Holy Spirit to whisper to your heart the next step to help you move forward.

  3. Describe any pictures that formed in your mind or words that he whispered to your heart.

  4. How would you explain the way you felt when you talked with Holy Spirit?

Day 2: Journal Pg. 83

  • Have you been baptized? Once you accept Christ as your Savior, believers are told to be baptized.

  • If you've been baptized, write about what you remember about the experience. You could even add a picture.

  • If you haven't, write about how and when you want to be baptized.

  • Either way tell God you want to receive the gift of the Holy Spirit. He will be your helper on the journey.

Day 3: Journal Pg. 84

  1. Need Freedom. Hope. Peace. &Joy? Choosing Jesus & Getting Baptized could be the answer for you.

  2. Ask Holy Spirit to bring to mind who you would like to baptize you.

  3. Or ask Holy Spirit to bring to mind someone with whom to share your baptism testimony.

Day 4: Journal Pg. 85

  1. Invite the Holy Spirit to open your mind to understand why baptism is important.

  2. If a person is not baptized are they condemned? According to the last part of Mark 16:16, it is those who do not believe in Jesus that are condemned. Sin condemns…not God.

  3. Why be baptized? Because it is an outward expression or your inward decision to choose life in Jesus. Faith in Christ is what saves you. But Baptism is an action that is commanded like repentance. We choose it out of our recognition of sin and the need for a Savior to free us from sin.

  4. Reflect on why your actions matter. How does doing the things God tells us to do help you move forward in your connection with him?

Day 5: Journal Pg. 86

  1. Choosing Christ and being filled with the Holy Spirit means you have shifted into a new and higher way of life.

  2. Ask Holy Spirit to surround you in the truth that you are a Child of God. You are no longer slaves to sin.

  3. Part of the problem is that most believers don't learn about the power and freedom they've gained through faith in Christ, so they don't get rid of sin.

  4. God doesn't do it for you. You have to learn to think and act in a way that lines up with who you've become through Christ.


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