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The High Way Journal: Week 12 Journal Prompts

Are you at your wits end? Do you feel like you wish you could just disappear?

Jesus can help you find your way to the healing and life you deserve.

The High Way Journal, By Kelly Kirstein, is a guided journal that helps you build faith in Jesus. This post offers one slide per day with simple questions to help you complete each page of Week 12. Get closer to God one verse at a time.

Day 1: Journal Pg. 76

  1. Ask Holy Spirit to increase your faith in Jesus. To believe he can help you find freedom.

  2. Jesus understands. He also knows the destruction sin creates. He wants to partner with you, so he can help you move out of the sin that harms you. He won't do it for you. Saying a prayer and expecting him to fix it won't work.

  3. Your heart and action need to line up with what your asking for. If you want to stop drinking, then stop buying alcohol.

  4. Allow him to show you what is at the root of your temptation, then lead you to scripture to cut ties with it and to put light in it's place. Numbing to escape the pain of your past is a destructive fix. Instead believe that you have been healed through what he did on the cross (1 Peter 2:24).


Day 2: Journal Pg. 77

  1. Invite Holy Spirit to fill you with his presence and the love of the Father.

  2. God has a gift for you. Have you received it?

  3. It's your choice. All you have to say is "God I'm tired of my sin. I want Jesus as my Savior. Teach me to follow him."

  4. Then the adventure begins as you learn to live and access the inheritance you have gained through Christ.

Day 3: Journal Pg. 78

  1. Take a few moments to connect with Holy Spirit. Ask Holy Spirit to help you understand how to live in the peace Jesus paid for.

  2. Jesus set us free from sin and death. God will never give up on us. He will make a way for those who want to be with him.

  3. Write about how your life would change if you could live in peace. List areas where you need to find healing.

Day 4: Journal Pg. 79

  1. Pray for Holy Spirit to plant this verse deep into your heart. To believe that Jesus is the only way.

  2. I would suggest that you memorize this verse. If someone tells you that you can get into Heaven with out Jesus, they are lying to you.

  3. John 14:6 clearly states that Jesus is the only way. Hold onto this truth. Tell the ones you love so they know it too.

Day 5: Journal Pg. 80

  1. Pray this simple prayer:

  • Jesus, I know that I have sinned. Forgive me.

  • I choose you as my Savior because I believe that you died for my sins were raised from the dead to make a way for me to be forgiven of my sins and spend eternity with you.

  • From this day forward I give each day to you, Jesus. Help me live my life for you.


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