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The High Way Journal: Week 11 Journal Prompts

Why did Jesus die on the Cross? Why do we need Jesus to get into Heaven?

This week's study helps you understand these key questions about faith.

The High Way Journal, By Kelly Kirstein, is a guided journal that helps you build faith in Jesus. This post offers one slide per day (Days 51-55) with simple questions to help you complete each page of Week 11. Get closer to God one verse at a time.

  1. Pray & Invite Holy Spirit to help you understand.

  2. Jesus is immortal. He put on flesh, so his body died. This gave him legal access to Hades (Hell), which could not hold him because he never sinned. Through his power he took back authority, which the enemy stole when Adam and Eve listened to him.

  3. Draw a picture of Jesus rising up out of Hades with a grin and the enemy furious that he was defeated.

  4. So when we choose Jesus, he has the keys to bust us out of hell, which sin condemns us to. He is the way into Heaven. We are free because of God’s plan for mercy. How can we not love God after all he has done!

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  1. Ask Holy Spirit to give you a picture of what sin looks like in your body.

  2. Every single person has been infected with sin. God will not allow sin to infect his Kingdom, which is why Jesus had to die to make a way for us to break free from sin and death.

  3. Freedom from sin gives us access to Heaven and eternity with God. To stay away from the enemy’s torment, it is important to stay in the boundaries of righteousness God teaches in scripture.

  4. Draw a circle in your journal. Write things in your life that are in bounds with God's kingdom. On the outside of the circle write things are out of bounds?

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Cliff Notes on What Jesus Did.

  • Did you know that Jesus took back the authority that Satan stole from humanity? By living a sinless life and death on the cross, he sacrificed himself to pay the price for our sins.

  • Have you ever pictured what the battle was like when Jesus got down in to Hades (Hell)? Satan probably tried to put up a fight to hold onto his authority. I imagine Jesus smashing the enemy like the roach he is and easily taking authority back.

  • Because Jesus never sinned he could leave Hades and take the people with him who wanted eternity in Heaven. Give Jesus authority over your life to strip off the power of sin.

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  1. Christ suffered for us. Giving himself so he could bring us to God. He is the only one who is able to break the power of sin because he never sinned and put himself under the authority of the enemy.

  2. Just like Christ, our flesh is temporary. Sometimes we put so much emphasis on our physical body, we neglect to develop our spiritual connection to God.

  3. Ask Holy Spirit what things you are giving too much focus and where he would like you to grow in connection with him?

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  1. This verse stirs up gratitude in me. Jesus sacrificed himself so my sins could be nailed to the cross.

  2. What are you ready to get rid of today?

  3. Say out loud, “I nail —- to the cross in Jesus name. Holy Spirit heal my heart and feel me with your light so I can walk in the freedom Christ paid for.”

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