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Tip #3 How To Love Your Friends Well In Hard Moments

Conflict takes at last two people. If you can't see your part of the problem, ask Holy Spirit to help you see it. You don't want to play the victim in relationships. It will leave you in a powerless position that makes you feel trapped. If you don't feel you played any part in the problem, your perspective could be clouded by jealousy, resentment, or past hurt.

Recognizing Your Part in Hard Moments

  • Remember God loves the person that you are upset with.

  • If your thoughts don't line up with God's thoughts you have work to do before you can deal with the other person.

  • Talk to God about your role in the problem. Let him humble you in recognizing you're not perfect either.

  • Then deal with how the other person's behavior made you feel.

  • If peace and friendship are the goal, you can't pick apart the person's behavior or right fight.

  • Stick to sharing how the situation made you feel and give the person time to process.

The High Way Journal: Blank Journal Pages (In The Back)

  • Write about a relationship where you often feel frustrated or angry.

  • Reflect on how you have handled this well.

  • Ask Holy Spirit to help you see where you are playing the victim or putting yourself ahead of the other person.

  • Are you able to listen to the other person's thoughts or do you feel like you are always right?

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