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Tip #2 How To Love Your Friends Well In Hard Moments

Healthy Relationships start with you. Recognizing when something hits your emotions helps you develop the habit of taking time to calm down.

Signals Your Emotions Have Been Tripped:

  • Anger, Tears, Frustration, or even revenge will not allow you to communicate effectively with your friends.

  • Emotions are real, but they are not good at helping you to see things clearly.

  • Pulling back to work through how you feel is healthy and gives you an opportunity to work through with Holy Spirit.

  • If your responses to your friend does not line up with the Fruits of the Spirit listed in Galatians 5:22-23, it's probably not a good time to respond

  • DO NOT give yourself permission to spew harsh things, you will damage your relationships.

The High Way Journal: Blank Journal Pages (In The Back)

  • Write about how you typically respond when your emotions at triggered.

  • How could taking a moment to calm down help you and save your relationship with your friends.

  • How do you think it affects the other person when you say harsh things?

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