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How To Love Your Friends Well In Hard Moments

Close Relationship with someone usually means there will be hard moments along the way. The way you handle yourself in those moments will determine whether the relationship will stay strong or crumble.

7 Tips to Love Well In Hard Moments

  1. Learn to Recognize when you are in a hard moment.

  2. Pull Back so you don't say something you regret.

  3. Hard Boundary (always enforced): Never allow yourself to be mean or spew harsh things. Remember you love this person. Do not speak if you are in a harsh mindset.

  4. Turn Your attention to God. Ask him for help and give yourself a short time to express to God how you're feeling. (Do not let this go on for more a couple of minutes.)

  5. Ask God for help to see things His Way. Honor him through your words and attitude.

  6. Let your focus be on getting your emotions under control before you try to find a solution for the problem. It could take some time for you to work through your emotions to allow for a healthy conversation. Take the time.

  7. Do not let them push you into having a conversation. Wait until your perspective lines up with the mind of Christ. If the person tries to talk about it before you're calm, let them know you need some time to gather your thoughts. You are protecting the relationship by refusing to say things you'll regret.

The High Way Journal: Blank Journal Pages (In The Back)

Reflect on a time when you and a friend or family member had a fight.

  • Can you remember harsh things you or the other person said?

  • How did the fight affect your relationship?

  • Did you forgive the person?

What would you do differently if you could go back & redo the situation?

  • How do you think putting the tips listed above into practice would help?

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