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Honest Question: What is Sensuality versus Sexuality

What is the difference between Sensuality & Sexuality?

Answer: Sex was designed by God. It's a beautiful marriage gift that connects husband and wife not only physically, but spiritually.

  • Sex is designed to be used with the boundaries of marriage to deepen the relationship between husband and wife.

  • When honored and used within God's design, it creates an amazing bond.

Sensuality is a perversion of sex. It's Satan's counterfeit option for sex, making it all about personal gratification and getting your needs met versus the connection and love that God created it for.

Warning: Be careful not to stir up sensuality through

  • sexual promiscuity

  • pornography

  • conversation

  • jokes

  • music

  • movies, etc..

Why Should I Care If I Do? Because sensuality detaches sex from a marriage relationship and makes it all about the physical aspect and personal gratification. It is at the source of people having affairs and struggling to imagine only having sex with one person for the rest of their life.

The Truth: You may think you can get away with physical gratification and self-serving through sex, but the truth is that it will either cause you heartache or your marriage will be deprived of the deep connection you should receive from sex, leaving you disconnected from your husband.

The High Way Journal:

Scripture, Prayers, & Conversation with Jesus (Towards the Back of the Journal)

  • Ask Holy Spirit to protect your heart and mind as you think through this.

  • Repent of any thoughts that don't line up with God's design. This helps begin to reset your thinking towards sex. It moves you out of sensuality into alignment with God's thoughts.

  • Write about what you understand of God's design for sex.

  • How do you think it affects a marriage when someone detaches emotions and spiritual connection from sex.

  • Talk to God about the areas you want him to help you. Ask Questions. Express your desire for a healthy marriage & a healthy sex life.


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