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Holy Spirit is Here

The Holy Spirit is Here Right Now.

Do you Feel His Presence? Can your Hear His Voice?

How to Start:

  • Relax. Reaffirm your faith in Jesus. "Jesus is my Savior."

  • Invite Holy Spirit to fill you with his presence. Tell him that you want him in your life.

  • Ask Him to help you feel him and hear him.

The High Way Journal: Ask Holy Spirit to wash you with his peace. Imagine water pouring over your head. Let it wash away stress, pain, & hurt.

Receive God's love. Stay there as long as you need; wrapped in his love.

Write Your Thoughts in Journal Section:

Scripture, Prayers, & Conversations With Jesus (Towards the Back of the Journal)

  • Write about your heart's desire to know and experience the fullness of God in your life.

  • What areas do you struggle to love about yourself. Ask for help.

  • Thank him and praise him for loving you.

  • Let the power of the Holy Spirit fill you. Explain what that felt like


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