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God Loves You: Even When You Mess UP

God loves you even though you're not perfect.

What to Do After a Mistake:

  • Confess to God. It will make you feel better.

  • Ask for His Forgiveness. Why? Because it helps you cut ties with the behavior when you express that you don't want to keep doing it.

  • Activate the Holy Spirit's help by inviting him into the heart of the mistake.

  • Look to scripture for answers. This will allow Jesus to lead you out and you can learn from your mistakes.

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High Way Journal Users:

  • Use this post as a journal prompt to write to work through mistakes and write out prayers.

  • If you want to lighten the load, ask Holy Spirit to bring to mind any mistakes you haven't surrendered to God.

  • Write out thoughts, prayers, and the things you learned on the blank journal pages in the back.



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