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The High Way Journal: Steps to Complete Each Page

How to Complete the pages of The High Way Journal

  1. Invite the Holy Spirit

  2. Write Out the Daily Verse for Your Bible

  3. Interpret what you think the verse means.

  4. Testimony about how you have seen this verse work in life.

  5. Questions & Prayers. Share Your Heart Here.

Why Color?

  • Coloring is a similar action to writing, but it keeps your deepest thoughts and secrets between you and God. One of the concerns with journaling can be if someone else reads your thoughts. This eliminates this concern

  • Coloring also helps to keep your focus while diving into difficult concepts or something you may not find as interesting.


Don't Have Much Time But Still Want to Try The High Way?

  • TikTok has short video clips that can keep you moving without as much time commitment.

  • Even a little time can make a big difference.

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