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Breaking Free of Suicidal Thoughts: Part 2

Recognizing the Enemy's Tricks.

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3. Have You Agreed with Suicidal Thoughts or even Attempted Suicide?

...Looking to Death to Comfort You?

I bet you didn't realize that finding comfort in thoughts of suicide meant you came into agreement with one of the enemy's schemes. He hides on purpose. I'm here to give you eyes to see what's happening and to help you put a stop to it. We will do it together!

4. Recognizing Satan's little game.

According the Bible God is our comforter. Read what scripture says.

**The trick is when the enemy whispers that death will comfort you. He turns your thoughts away from God, your comforter, offering death in exchange. Why? When you agree with him, it's like he holds your head under the water for a moment. The more time he can get you to spend under the water the more you drown in hopeless dark feelings. With each suicidal thought Satan steps into authority, in exchange he draws you into darkness away from God. Infuritating...Right??

5. You Have Jesus on Your Side! He can help you out of this.

Once You choose Jesus as your Savior, you have the power to overthrow the enemy's schemes. To get rid of those thoughts that drag you into the dark.

How do I know this? Because that's what Jesus did on the cross. He took our place paying the debt for us. The price is high, when we put Satan in authority in our lives.

Jesus loves you enought to pay that price for you. After Jesus died, he went down into hell and took back authority from Satan. Scripture tells us on the third day he rose again, defeating death. So whoever chooses to Follow Jesus has the power to repent (break ties with Satan) and turn back to abundant hopefilled life in God. You regain your freedom by walking in the truth. Like a prisioner set free.

Suicidal thoughts are your prision that through Jesus you have the keys to bust out of.

4. Are You Ready To Take the Next Steps Towards Freedom?

Spend time talking to Jesus. Share your heart with him. Ask him to strengthen your faith and build your desire for deep connection with him through the Holy Spirit. Ask him to help you commit to remaining in his love for comfort. Allow him to build a fire in you that will allow you to stand up against the enemy's schemes.


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