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5 Habits to Renew Your Mind

How Do You Renew Your Mind?

Scripture calls us to renew our thinking by thinking in a way that lines up with God and his kingdom. It can be difficult to know how to to that. This list is a place to start.

God wants to partner with you to change the way you think. It will help free you up from the heaviness of this world. You will learn how to connect with the love of God, which is what every heart is searching for. God's love is so pure and perfect.

Ask Holy Spirit to fill you with his presence and to illuminate the way forward. He will help you find your way in this.

  1. Show Respect to God

  2. Be Humble & Believe

  3. Protect Your Peace

  4. Speak the Truth in Love

  5. Pray Constantly

What Questions Do You Have?

Message Kelly Kirstein in the comments of this post or comment on Instagram. Your question may help others reflect and move into greater understanding.


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