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Renewed Mind Habits: What Does God Have to Say?

Are You Struggling With Something in Your Life?

What Does It Mean to Set Your Minds on Things Above?

  • We were created with emotions, but they were never meant to be our leader. What do I mean by that?

  • Emotions should be a signal to turn you attention to Jesus. Ask what he has to say about the situation.

  • Take a few moments to just listen for his answer.

  • Did he give you a word or show you a picture? Write it down.

Look at what you wrote down.

  • Does it line up with Philippians 4:8? Is it true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable...?

  • Does it encourage you, draw you into connection with God, or comfort you?

    • YES! Then ask God to align your heart and mind to what he has to say about the situation.

    • No? If your impression doesn't line up with God's character or his word, try again.

  • Give Yourself Grace. Learning to hear from God takes practice.

Ask Jesus to give you the next step to move forward.

  • Trust him to help you.

  • Remember to thank him for his help.

Still Not Sure? Or Need Help?

  • Don't do this journey alone.

  • Talk to a parent, mentor, youth leader, or your pastor.


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