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Anxiety: Worry About Something Uncertain


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Anxiety. Can take over when something rocks your security.

It’s out of control, when it lurks around every corner. Leaving you in fear of when it will strike again.

  • Regaining your power begins by recognizing that you are being triggered by a FAKE threat. The initial cause may have been real. But now that threat is gone.

  • Prayer can help you get through the waves. Invite the Holy Spirit into the center of of your emotions.

  • Visualize holding onto Jesus. As He calms the storm. Let it pass. Trusting Him to take care of it.

  • Memorize a couple of verses that you can repeat over and over to get you through the moment.

Depending on the amount of trauma, you may need counseling. These tricks cannot replace getting to the root of the problem.



Hey God. I feel like anxiety is running my life. It bullies me into staying home at times. It controls my thoughts. I am tired of it. Please put your Holy Spirit right in the center of my anxiety. Give me the eyes to see that it is a lie. I want you in control of my life. Not fear and anxiety. Remind me to call on you when it hits me. Thank you for your help. In Jesus' Name. Amen.


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