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Gossip: Hold Onto Your Power When It's About You.


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Gossip. Harsh words. The whispers.

...Which person has more power in the photo?

The whisperer. The listener. Or the one being gossiped about?

At first you may think the two girls that are together. They seem to have the power. Creating connection with each other by gossiping.

But actually the girl standing alone has the power. To rise above the harsh words. The power to refuse to be mean, even though she has been treated unfairly.

She has the power to stay away from the sins that the other two are committing.

Asking Jesus to give her the strength to stay out of their mess.

She can avoid the damage they are causing themselves.

She can ask Jesus to protect her heart, so the words bounce off. Giving her the strength to stand, when she would otherwise be crushed. Now that’s power!

Action Step:

Do not gossip. And refuse to step into the sin, when someone is gossiping about you.



Hey God. I know I gossip sometimes. I also know the pain it causes because I have been gossiped about. Give me the strength to stay out of the mess that gossip causes. When someone hurts me, I feel like I want to hurt them back. I know that is not what you want. So stop me. Let my actions bring glory to you. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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