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Hurt Feelings: Do People's Words Keep Wounding You?


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Bring It Into Play

Hurt feelings. People can say things that cut like a knife. You walk away wounded. Changed.

How can one comment change the way you see yourself? The World?

Maybe you have made what others think... a god in your life.

Sounds weird, but think about it.

Do their thoughts shape the way you see yourself? The world? Does your value rest in their approval?

Do you only feel beautiful, smart, loved, if they say it’s so?

Action Step

Ask Jesus to take your life into His hands, Protects you from the harsh and shifting opinions of the people around you.

He loved you before you were born. He remains the same through all eternity.

Most people shift all over the place depending on their mood.

You can trust Jesus. He will never be mean to you. He will only tell you the truth in love.



Heavenly Father. Why do I care about what others things about me? I wish I didn't, but for some reason I want their approval. Can you help me to stop putting trying to people please? I want to know your thoughts about me. You are my creator. You know me better than anyone. Show me who you created me to be. Thanks for being a loving Father. Amen.


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