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Want a Closer Relationship With God


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Bring It Into Play

Want a closer relationship with God? Take time to draw close to Him through prayer, reading scripture, or listening to worship music.

Tell God that you want to open up your heart and be close to Him.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you.

You will be amazed at how you can feel Him and see visible signs that God is around you.

It’s the little things that we chalk up to coincidence. The song with just the right message. The verse you needed. Words spoken at the moment you needed to hear them.

Open up to God and you will realize just how close He is!

Do you have a God story? I would love to hear it! Those are my favorite kind of stories!!



Heavenly Father, my heart desires to draw closer to you. Help me to open up to you. Let your Holy Spirit rise up in me, so I can feel your presence. I want to see your work in my life. To give you credit for the things you are doing for me. Thanks for loving me. And for being an amazing Daddy in Heaven. In Jesus' Name, Amen


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