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Walking in the Spirit, When People Are Hurtful


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People can be mean sometimes.

The easy thing to do is to be mean back. They hurt you. You hurt them back.

What if there was another way?

Stand up for yourself, without stepping into their heart issue.

Action Step

First separate yourself. Pray. Think. Why are they being so mean?

To gain power? They can’t have yours. Were they hurt by someone else? You don’t want to join that domino effect.

Tell God what you want to do to retaliate. Then ask for the strength not to act on it.

Ask God to protect your heart, so their words and actions can’t damage you.

Every time your anger stirs. Pray again.

If the mean behavior continues, ask a mentor for help. The enemy wins if you act mean and cruel in return.

Call upon the Holy Spirit to give you the ability to walk in line with God’s will.



God, sometimes it doesn't feel fair that people get to hurt me. And you don't want me to hurt them back. Help me to see things your way. Help me to see believe and understand that by doing and saying hurtful things I step into dark. That you want me to stay in the light by acting in a way that reflects light. This doesn't come naturally for me. Thank you for helping me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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