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Waves: Choosing to Stand When They Hit


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Crashing Waves. The force knocks you down and pulls you under.

Grief. Heartache. Illness. Loss of Dreams. Are powerful waves that wipe out the journey and leave you breathless. Making it hard to regain balance and the desire to face the next day.

Choose to stand up. The longer you sit or even lay down, the harder it is to stand back up.

Determine to bust through those powerful waves, until you find your way out to calmer seas. Prayer. Scripture. Surrounding yourself with Loving friendships. Begging Jesus, who can walk on water, to help you through. Are all ways to stand up.

The key is...never give up. (Jesus Said)

Action Steps:

Close your eyes. Visualize powerful waves crashing over you. Then imagine yourself standing up and walking out of the waves. You have the power to stand.



Jesus, I know that you calmed the waves for the disciples when they were crashing into the boat. Please calm the waves that keep coming. Or help me to stand up and walk out of them. You are Lord over the wind and waves. Remind me of this when I think I can't make it. You are powerful. I am grateful you are on my side. I love you. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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