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Purpose: What Gets You Out Of Bed?


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Purpose. What gets you out of bed in the morning?

Not talking about your alarm clock. The question refers to what inspires you or gives you purpose.

Do you know what that is? Is your heart set on fulfilling God’s purpose for your life?

You might feel too young to know this. In reality, it is never too soon to ask God to help you find your purpose.

Pay attention to your passions. They are they key to finding your purpose.

Your desire to fulfill God’s purpose means that He will work everything together for your good.

That way You can change the world as only you can do.

Action Steps:

Brainstorm ways you can have an impact on this world. Start with thinking about something you love to do. Then imagine how you could use that to help others.



Father, I know that you have created with passions and desires that fit with my purpose. Help me focus on the things that lead me the way you want me to go. Give me the courage to let go of things that pull me in the wrong direction. Please show me how you want me to impact this world. I trust that your plans will be awesome. Thank you for working everything together for my good. That brings me such peace. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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