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Despair: The Power to Overcome Anything

Mandisa- Overcomer


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Bring It Into Play

Hurting? Jesus can help you overcome anything, if you choose to follow Him.

Nothing is too hard for Him. Ask Jesus to help you. Talk to Him about how you feel.

Reflection & Action:

What problems have been bothering you this week?

Are there things that seem to big to ever be fixed?

Talk to Jesus about it. Look and Listen for an answer.

What does God's word say about your struggle. Usually the answer is right there in scripture!



God, sometimes like is so hard. It makes feel hopeless and it is hard to see how it can get better. You see things differently than I do. You know all the things up ahead. Help me to see the hope and future you have planned. Help me remember that you can help me overcome anything because you are bigger than my problems. I love you so much, Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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