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Love: What Did Your Last Relationship Teach You?

He said he loved me.

But then he dumped me.

For another girl.


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Did You Ask God Before You Gave Your Heart to That Guy?

It may sound strange to ask God about loving someone. Can you really stop it? Doesn't love just happen?

Yes. And No. Depends.

It may blow your mind to know that God already knows who you are going to marry. He isn't limited by time like we are. So He already knows. In fact, He will help you pick the person that fits you, if you want Him to.

If You want God to be your match maker, then you need to tell Him. Ask For His Help.

You can trust Him. He will pick someone who will help you grow into the best version of yourself.

Once you ask God for His help. Start praying for Him to direct your steps. If there is no boy in your life, you can trust that it is not God's time.

If a boy starts paying attention to you. Ask God to whisper to your heart a yes or a no.

Not all boys that pay attention to you are part of God's plan.

If a boy only intends to use you, it will definitely be a NO. Even if he is adorable. God loves you too much to let you accept that.

If a guy broke your heart and left you for another girl. Let him GO!

God has amazing plans. Just ask Him!



Father God, you are love. I want to feel your perfect love for me because it helps me to feel whole. I can't even comprehend the plans you have for my life, but I know that I want them because I know they will be good. Help me to ask you about boys and help me to hear your answer. To just know when you are speaking to me. Thank you helping me to understand your ways and your plans! I love you. In Jesus Name, Amen.

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