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Tip 3 To Avoid Conflict at Family Gatherings

Show A Little Grace If Someone Says Something Hurtful

Is your intention to have a peaceful family gathering this year?

  • Grace can help you through. Remember you're not perfect. Remembering times you've needed grace can help you give it to others.

  • Family Gatherings are not the time to deal with issues.

  • Think. Not Today.

  • Avoid Conflict by Keeping Busy play games, make crafts, help clean up, or other activities.

Are You Easily Offended By Your Family?

  • Why? Is there something you believe? Or do you have past resentments you need to work through?

  • Offended people typically offend people with their responses.

  • The person who hurt you can't heal your wounds. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you work through past hurts. To move into a heavenly perspective. Shift your identity to what God says about you instead of family.

Scripture to Back This Up:



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