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Things Teens Should Know: Promo & Ground Rules

You're Invited to Come Join Our Study

Life can be hard sometimes. It seems like there is pressure to prove your value at every turn. What if I told you Jesus offers you a different way? All you have to do is pursue his path for your life.

Come spend time learning how to let go of your frustration and negative feelings. Learn how to see your life through his eyes and good plans. He will show you how to heal from your hurts and to find joy in the little moments.

This simple study is all about creating a connection to Jesus that fits you. Each page gives you conversation starters, which will allow Holy Spirit to lead you where he wants you to go.

Chicks Ministry Ground Rules:

  1. Show Honor: To God, To Each Other & to Yourself through your words, actions, and attitudes. Whether is while you are spending time with God. Or if it when you are responding to other people in the comments.

  2. Be Kind: Make sure your words are reflecting the kindness you're called to by Christ. If you feel angry or harsh, keep silent, pray, and understand that your harshness is a reflection of something going on in your heart, not the other person.

  3. Do Good: We are called to do good things to serve other people. Listen to your heart. Holy Spirit will help you understand when you are getting off track. In God's kingdom, those who want to be first must be the greatest servant of all.

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