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The Key to Having the Mind of Christ

Get Low So You Can Move Higher with God.

This is the opposite of what the world tells you.

  • The freedom that Christ offers comes from having the mind of Christ. This allows you to see things his way.

  • How do you get the mind of Christ? Start By humbling yourself in the presence of God. Invite Holy Spirit to invade your heart. You can trust him because of his perfect love.

  • Repentance is the Key! In that deep place, repent for your unkind thoughts, destructive behaviors, and anything else that you're sick of. Let Holy Spirit give you the key to unlock the things that hold you captive.

Do you find the work repentance offensive? Ask Holy Spirit to help you understand why. Let him help you understand. You can come back to repentance when your heart is ready to find the freedom that is offered through repentance.


Repentance is key to accessing the mind of Christ. Are you willing to get low to move higher in your relationship with God?


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