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The Iowa Attorney General Visits Chicks Ministry

...Leaders Gather with the Iowa Attorney General to Discuss Wright County Happenings.

On Friday, March 17th, Iowa Attorney General, Brenna Bird visited the Chicks Ministry Office Building to learn about the ministry and make connection with people in Wright County.

Kelly Kirstein invited community leaders, Joe Nelson (CGD Superintendent), Steve Simonin (Hospital CEO), & Susan Toftey & Gene Rosenbaum (First Citizens Bank) to take part in the meeting. The Attorney General invited the Jason Schluttenhofer (Wright County Sheriff), Eric Simonson (Wright County Attorney), and Joe Corrow (Assistant Wright County Attorney).


Kirstein shared difficulties local individuals, minority groups, and families are facing.


The group discussed issues that are affecting Wright County. Each community leader added their experience and expertise to the conversation. Sharing the different perspectives allows community leaders to form partnerships and work together for the good of Clarion.

Kirstein shared about her work advocating for young women ages 12-25. She shared examples of how she comes along side people to help them through a variety of situations. Her work has given her insight in the difficulties local individuals, minority groups, and families are facing. She suggested simple changes that could make it easier for people to get over their barriers, which would allow them to thrive.

The meeting was a great success.


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