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You Have A Calling

What Are Your Super Powers?

Separation from God keeps you from understanding your true identity. All of us were created with "Super Powers" that can change the world.

  • Did you know that the gifts and callings of God are irrevocable. (Romans 11:29)

  • We have each been given different gifts according to the grace given to us. (Romans 12:6)

  • When you recognize your gifts and partner with Holy Spirit to use them, you can do amazing things to change the world around you.

  • God designed each person to play a Super Hero role in the family of light story.

  • In order to fulfill your calling, using your gifts, you must do life with the Lord. Holy Spirit and the family of God will teach you how to walk in the authority of the light.

The High Way Journal Idea: Blank Journal Pages (In the Back)

  • List the gifts God has give you. (i.e. a good friend, kind, funny, sports, art...)

    • If you are struggling, think about the things other people have pointed out that you are good at.

    • Ask Holy Spirit to bring to mind the things God has given you to serve other people.

  • Pick a gift that you feel like you could use as a super power to do good things for the people around you.

  • Surrender you gift to God, so you don't use it to prove your worth. Instead, your gift can be your greatest source of connecting to God to use it to build friendship and help others.

    • When you surrender your gift to God, that means he protects it for you. That way people can't damage it with their thoughts and words because it's between you and God to decide how to use it.


Still Need A High Way Journal?

The High Way Journal talks about Who is God, What's His Kingdom Like, & What It Means to Be His Child. Learn How to Take the High Way.

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