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Change the World Around You By What You Speak

Rise up. Take the High Way in life. It's the perfect way to stand out

from the crowd, and you will be better for it.

Set Yourself Apart by learning to live the High Way.

You can be a world changer simply by choosing to speak from the heart of the Father.

  • Each day pray for Holy Spirit to remove being offended from you life. Offense causes hostility and anger.

  • As you speak to people overflow with words that encourage, build up, and comfort. Simply ask Holy Spirit, "What do you have to say to this person." He will give you something that will bless them.

The High Way Journal Idea: Blank Journal Pages (In the Back)

  • List the things that cause you to get hostile of offended.

  • How do people react when you speak with offense in your heart?

  • Think of the last time you were irritated or offended. How would things have gone differently if you had asked Holy Spirit to pull off your offended feelings and requested that he replace them with peace?

  • Write out a possible scenario of how things could've played out differently.


Ready To Get Started?

The High Way Journal talks about Who is God, What's His Kingdom Like, & What It Means to Be His Child. Learn How to Take the High Way.

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