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Why Did God Put the Tree In the Garden?

God knew that people would sin. He gave them free will anyway. Scripture tells us that He promised eternity from the beginning (Titus 1:2). Jesus was the fulfillment of the plan to offer eternity to all people. They simple have to choose it.

Why did he put the tree in the Garden of Eden?

  1. Love Requires A Choice

  2. Freedom Requires Choice

  3. Relationship Requires A Choice. Otherwise it's simply slavery.

Have you ever considered all the abundance of things God generously gave man.

  • Dominion over all the earth.

  • They could eat from every tree except one.

The High Way Journal Idea: Blank Journal Pages (In the Back)

  • Journal about Why You Are Suspicious of God?

  • Why don't you trust him to protect you from the things that harm you?

  • Freedom doesn't come from doing whatever you want. It comes from protecting your heart and walking in the fullness of things that keep you in the light.

Darkness aims to kill, steal, and destroy your life. Be suspicious of that not God.


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