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Who Is Jesus? Why Do I Care?

Are you tired of feeling worthless? Like you can't catch a break?

Jesus might just be what you've been searching for.

Have you ever taken a picture of yourself when you are looking down too much? Like it created a double chin and awkward angles that make the picture look terrible?

  • That's what happens when we look at our lives from a worldly perspective. We look at things totally wrong.

  • In the world, no matter how well things go, that amazing feeling never lasts? So you have to keep chasing after it.

  • A snotty comment or mean look can take something good and make it garbage.

  • What if you stopped giving people your power and handed it over Jesus.

Heaven's High Perspective: Through The Eyes of Jesus

Jesus is constantly aware of you, your feelings...your entire life. He wants the best for you and has the power to make it happen.

Are you constantly aware that Jesus is there for you? Do you ask what he has to say about things?

No matter how messy life gets, he has a way of turning things into good. Ask Holy Spirit to guide you into friendship with Jesus. Spend time talking with him each day. Look into the Bible to learn about him.

The High Journal Can Help You Step Into A High Way of Thinking!

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