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When Life Runs Away, Pump the Brakes

What would it be like if you drove a car only using the gas pedal? The ride would be out of control leading to a huge crash.

Learning to Live in Faith Can Be like Taking Drivers Ed. The Holy Spirit is like the teacher sitting next to you helping you recognize when to pump the breaks.

What signs should I look for that it's time to stop and talk with God?

  • Anytime your emotions are running away or you feel out of control. PRAY

  • When situations or life in general seems chaotic, stop and ask Holy Spirit to help you see what's causing the chaos.

  • God, is God of peace. The enemy causes chaos. It's easy to get used to living in emotional chaos. Pay attention to the signs.

The High Way Journal Idea: Blank Journal Pages (In the Back)

  • Think about a time when you lost control of your emotions. Describe the situation that cause the spin.

    • How did you finally calm down?

    • Have you ever done something harmful to calm down?

    • Thinking back, how could spending time with God help you find peace?

  • List the areas of your life are chaotic or frustrating right now?

  • Schedule some time to talk with God about how to find his peace.

    • Ask Holy Spirit to help you see & know the steps that will restore your peace.

    • Write about the things that come to mind.


Ready To Get Started?

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