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The High Way Journal: Week 5 Journal Prompts

The High Way Journal, By Kelly Kirstein, is a guided journal that helps you build faith in Jesus. This post offers one slide per day (Days 21-25) with simple questions to help you complete each page of Week 5. Get closer to God one verse at a time.

Day 1: Journal Pg. 34

  1. Invite Holy Spirit to join you. Ask him to help you understand the truth about the family of God.

  2. What does it mean to be fearfully & wonderfully made.

  3. Write some of your biggest complaints about yourself. Then write the phrase "fearfully & wonderfully made next to it.

  4. Ask God to help you change your perspective on each one. Can it be flipped for good?

  5. Or do you need to repent and get rid of it?

Day 2: Journal Pg. 35

  1. Invite Holy Spirit to help you feel his presence dwelling inside you. Take a few moments to focus on him

  2. If God dwells inside you, are there things you do or think that you would be embarrassed for him to hear?

  3. God is there when you go to the bathroom, deal with your period, or even during sexual encounters. He created all of those to be part of your life. He is okay with you having sex as long as you are doing it inside the covenant of marriage.

  4. Draw or write about how God might feel about being part of your sinful behavior. Leave anger out of it at first. What else might he feel? (Hint: Your parents reaction might be similar to God's.)

Day 3: Journal Pg. 36

  1. Invite Holy Spirit to fill you with a sense of God's love and value for you.

  2. Explain what it might feel like to be an orphan or a slave your whole life into death.

  3. What comes to mind when you picture being adopted into the family of God?

  4. If you are the daughter of the most powerful king and ruler in the world, would you accept disrespect? Would you let anyone degrade your worth?

  5. In your mentality, how are you still living as a slave or an orphan, rather than accepting your place a the daughter of the Most High God?

Day 4: Journal Pg. 37

  1. Ask Holy Spirit to give you the gift of extreme faith. Then say to him, I receive Jesus and believe in his name.

  2. Write out I receive and believe in Jesus. This gives me the right to become a Child of God.

  3. Draw a picture of yourself stepping into a huge family that loves you.

  4. Explain what it means to be part of the family of God? What things do you thing you can contribute to make the family better?

Day 5: Journal Pg. 38

  1. Invite Holy Spirit to reveal what you think of Jesus.

  2. Write down all the words that come to mind. Include positive & negative

  3. Have you ever had a friendship where the person only came around when they wanted something? How did that feel?

  4. Jesus wants to share life with you and have conversations. What is getting the way of your relationship with him?

  5. Do you share your secrets with him & ask him for guidance before you go to anyone else? I'd like to suggest you should. He has more insight to offer you than anyone else.



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