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The High Way Journal Industrial Style: Family Can Study Together

Same Journal. Different Style

Amazon just released the second version of the High Way Journal.

Family Study Or Group Study

Now more than ever we need to be able to answer questions about about

  • Who Is God?

  • Who Am I As A Child Of God?

  • What is His Kingdom Like?

  • Why Choose Jesus?

  • What Happens After I Choose Him?

Free Resources Chicks Offers For Your Journal

  • Each Week the Chicks Website will feature 5 prompts for the scriptures listed in your journal

  • Videos on YouTube & Instagram

  • Extra Prompts in the Devo Section for the Back of Your Journal

Ready To Get Started?

  • Click the Linked Journal You Want


  • Go to Amazon. Search Kelly Kirstein Both Journals will pop us. Order a copy for each group member.


Click Here For Welcome video: The High Way Journal: Get Started


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