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Take the High Way: It's Not As Crowded Up Here

What should you do when someone betrays you by doing something horrible?

Rise up. Take the High Way in life. It's the perfect way to stand out from the crowd, and you will be better for it. 

Set Yourself Apart by learning to live the High Way.

Think About the life you could build if you chose to live according to the way scripture teaches.

Holiness means you choose to align yourself with the heart and character of God.

As you understand who God, you will find that he is the one that offers you forgiveness through repentance, which means you realign yourself with him, breaking ties with the enemy.

I will tell you that the air is fresh up here and it takes off the pressure of trying to please people.


Ready To Get Started?

The High Way Journal talks about Who is God, What's His Kingdom Like, & What It Means to Be His Child. Learn How to Take the High Way.

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