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Stop Tearing Yourself Apart: You Were Designed By God

Food for Thought: When You Tear Yourself Apart, You're Saying Horrible Things About Something God Created.

Why Does It Matter?

  • Your Harsh Thoughts Influence the Way You See Yourself.

  • It affects the Way You Treat Other People.

  • You weren't meant to be the other person you're comparing yourself to. Remember you only know the part of their life they let you see.

  • Challenge yourself to say things that Honor and Speak life, whether it is to yourself or others.

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High Way Journal Users:

  • Use the back section of your journal.

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal what is going on in your heart.

  • Write about why you are being so hard on yourself.

  • Ask Holy Spirit to help you exchange your negative thoughts for God's loving and kind thoughts about you.

  • If you can't think of anything positive to say about yourself, it is important to confess this because that is not okay with God. Being overly harsh is just as harmful as being extremely arrogant.

  • Write a prayer asking Jesus to help you learn to see how totally awesome you are.



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