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S1 E7: I Already Had Sex. Now I Regret.

Podcast for Teens

If You Don't Regret It, Then This Post Isn't for You

So you got caught up in the moment and let things go too far. You may wonder: Does that mean I am ruined? Maybe you have heard the illustrations about the chewed up piece of bubble gum or used present.

Do you feel like a piece of chewed up gum or a used present? That's something Jesus can help you deal with, but that's not who you are.

I think people mean well when they give teens examples like that, but that's not how I see it. You can't get your virginity back, but you can process through this situation so that God can purify your heart and mind.

Frankly, there are people who have never done anything sexual, yet they reflect purity, which tells you it's bigger than sex.

Recognizing you let things go too far, shows you are ready to allow God to help you move forward.

Bring your regret to God and allow him to help understand why you went there in the first place.

Where Do Your Regret Come From?

The Holy Spirit works in our hearts and mind to let us know when we are getting off track. Feeling guilt is positive sign. It shows that you are sensitive to the Spirit.

John 16:8 says "When he comes, he will prove the world to be in the wrong about sin and righteousness and judgment: (NIV). While the world tells you that it's no big deal to have sex, when you are young and dating a guy. Your connection to the Holy Spirit has left you feeling like it isn't right. The question is will you listen?

Did you know that pure and powerful loves comes from God? If you want to know the power of a love that aligns with God's will, Holy Spirit can guide you to a new way of thinking and behaving.

You should know that God is the author of the most romantic love stories through all of time. Those cute old couples who adore each other after 60 years of marriage have connected with God's design for love.

Satan, on the other hand, entices humanity with the quick fix and false intimacy, that feels good in the moment, but ends up leading you to a dark place. Keep in mind, Satan is like a friend who gets you wasted, and then steps over you like you're a loser when you pass out.

Did I mention that regret is a good thing? It is the very thing that will help you choose a different path next time. Hopefully, you will choose to grab onto Jesus and go his way.

What now? How do you get beyond regret?

It begins with the process of restoration. The action of returning something to a former condition.

The opposite would be destruction or neglect. I've worked girls who think their promiscuous behavior doesn't affect them. The interesting thing is they usually need substances or more sex to feel okay. There is a brokenness inside them allows the dark to seep in until they feel like they are going to be crusted on all side.

Ask Holy Spirit to help you heal your perception of self and recognize the areas where you need your thinking renewed.

  • Take a moment to write 10 statements about yourself.

  • Reflect on that list.

  • Is it positive? Does it line up with who God would say you are?

  • Is your sense of self based on what you do or gifts you have?

  • Your beliefs about yourself can shape quality of relationship you believe you deserve.

  • This can give you insight into area of your life you need to work on.

Salvation is so much more than going to Heaven when you die. Through Christ you have the power to overcome and heal from anything in life. Even your biggest mistakes.

Don't be afraid to talk to Jesus about your needs. He is waiting for you to come. I can help you get started.


Prayer For Restoration

1. Begin by thanking and praising God. The truth is no matter what you have done he will always love you. His mercy is everlasting.

2. Own up to what you did and express your remorse to the Lord. Repentance goes deeper than confession in that you not only admit to what you did, but you also have remorse about it. It shows you are ready to cut ties with the behavior and want to move forward with Jesus.

3. Reclaim your identity. Picture Jesus reaching out to pull you up and dust you off. Then walk with him as he reminds you of the truth of who you are in him. Your mistakes don't define you or change God's plans for your life.

Read the following Identity Statements from Reason for Hope*Jesus

4. Praise and Thank God that he is making a way forward through Jesus. This is not a one time prayer. Instead you have taken the first steps forward. Joy is a heart posture where you believe that God has good plans for you and works things together for your good. Through continually praying and expressing your gratitude, you can come up higher into God's will and plans for your life. Ask Holy Spirit to direct you as to how to stay on the path with Jesus.


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