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Pray All Day: Include Jesus In Everything

Maturity in faith is totally different than maturity

that comes through the world.

Let's talk about the difference between the two. Take a moment to reflect on what think the difference is between maturing into adulthood and maturing in faith.

How Are They Different?

  • Maturing into Adulthood means you grow up. Little by little you begin to take on the responsibilities of your own life.

  • You depend on your parents less & less.

  • Your thoughts & actions move from childish to mature.

  • Maturing In Faith means you grow deeper in understanding and relationship with Jesus.

  • Maturing in Faith means you become more dependent you on God. The more you depend on him and recognize his leading, the more mature you are.

  • Your words & actions move from being overly emotional, tossed to & fro. You learn to maintain the fruits of the Spirit majority of the time. When you don't you turn to God for help.

The High Way Journal Idea: Blank Journal Pages (In the Back)

  • Explain the ways you have matured in the last year?

    • Why is it important for you to keep maturing?

    • What happens when people don't keep maturing? What would it be like to be an adult that acted like a 13 year old? Write about what that would look like.

    • What would it be like if you don't keep maturing in your faith?

  • List the ways people can grow & mature in faith. (Ex: Reading the Bible, Worship, Participating in Church.)

    • Which of these do you enjoy doing?

    • Which do you dislike?

    • Choose one of the things you don't Like.

      • Ask Holy Spirit to help you grow in this area.

      • Close your eyes & let him give you a picture of why it's important.

      • Draw the picture or write words that describe the impressions you receive.


Still Need A High Way Journal?

The High Way Journal talks about Who is God, What's His Kingdom Like, & What It Means to Be His Child. Learn How to Take the High Way.

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