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Make A Difference: Sponsor A Chick

You could be just who she needs to help her find Jesus. Do you have a heart for young women to come to know Christ? One simple way to help is to sponsor a Chicks Girl.

How does your donation help?

  • Due to Covid most of the girls coming on Wednesdays this fall will be new to Chicks. When you purchase a Chicks Starter Kit, you provide a Bible, T-Shirt, & Devotional for a young woman.

  • The Chicks Returner Kit has a new T-Shirt & Devotional.

Why are the items in the kit important?

  • Bibles come in many translations and styles. The Chicks Bible is teen friendly with commentary that relates to them. It also allows all of us to be reading the same text when working in our Bibles.

  • T-Shirts give girls the opportunity to share their faith without saying a word. It also gives them a sense of belonging. Plus who doesn’t love a good t-shirt.

  • Our Devotional was designed by Kelly for Chicks. It will drive our conversations and faith growth for the year. The devotional will tie together the online and local Chicks Ministry, which means girls around the world will be connected.

How Can I Donate?

  • Send A Check to:

Chicks Ministry

121 5th Ave NW

Clarion, Iowa 50525

Questions? Contact Kelly Kirstein at

Want to know more about Chicks?

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