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Learn to Recognize the Voice of God

There can be a lot of noise in the world to buy this, lose weight, look like that. All these things can drown out God’s voice.

Studying the Bible can help you tune into what God’s saying. And tune out all the junk that’s not helpful.

Take a few moments each morning to connect with God. Listen to or read his word. Then live simply to love him & others well. All of the sudden you’ll hear him and see him everywhere.

Mindset Shift

Ask Holy Spirit to reveal the things that consume your thoughts. Make a list of the things you think about the most. Is God on that list?

Whatever your answer. Put God at the top of the list.

Pray and talk to Jesus about having the mind of Christ. Daily, ask Holy Spirit to keep God first in your thoughts. Then filter every thing you think through what God would say about it. It may feel awkward at first, but it will become habit in time.

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