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Choosing to Live The High Way Journal: Connect to God Through Creativity: Sale $3.63

Grab This Prayer Journal While It's on Sale.

It's Perfect for Anyone Who Loves To Be Creative.

3 Part Guided Journal: Launch into deeper faith and connection to God by using your creativity.

  • Section 1: Color & Pray focuses on sharing your heart with God. Your deepest secrets between you and can be shared through your scribbles on the page. It allows you to talk freely to him like your writing, but no one else can tell what's been said. There is also space to write your thoughts and feelings.

  • Section 2: Doodle & Faith offers you the opportunity to write out an individual scripture or section of scripture. While you process and try to understand what it means, you can doodle to help you keep your focus. Even if you're not an artist that is okay. There are simple drawings ideas to help you get started. It's not about creating a work of art, rather it's about connecting with the creator.

  • Section 3: This & That gives you the space to do whatever you want to connect with God. The section can act as a smash book with pictures, event tickets, and other special things. You can scribble out hopes and dreams for the future. Or it can be used like a journal to hash out what you've been learning in things like youth group, church, and other things. Anything that builds your faith and helps you recognize how amazing you are, and how much God loves you.

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