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Doodle & Faith: Make Studying Fun

Getting creative while taking notes helps me concentrate longer and remember more of what I am trying to learn. Making studying fun may help you want to sit down and do it more.

Pick a theme for your page. Ideas:

  • Animals

  • Space

  • Shapes (hearts, circles, etc.)

  • Holiday

  • Seasons

  • Camping

  • Whatever inspires you.

You may or may not want to tie your doodles to what your studying.

Get Creative: Don't feel like you have to do things the same way every time. Be willing to take risks to see if a drawing fits in a different part of the page. Or try drawing a simple like but adding dots around it to give it a different effect.

You may discover you are good a drawing animals, but you struggle to draw people's faces. That's okay. Keep trying to things to see what your good at.


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