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Let Your Bible Reflect Your Personality

Pic Credit: Instagram- @anastasiapardue_


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Bring It Into Play

Let your Bible reflect your personality. And your relationship with God.

Pick out key verses that speak to your heart. Make a note & date it.

This young woman found connection to the word through sticky notes, highlighting, drawing, and color patterns.

The best part...She accessorized her Bible to fit her style.

Action Step

Try adding a picture to the inside cover of your Bible. To remind you to pray for important people in your life.

Make a fun bookmark to slide into your Bible!

Are You really Brave? Draw pictures, color, or whatever fits your style.



God. Your word is so amazing. Help me to understand it when I read. Open my eyes to see things your way. Let my Bible reflect the unique and personal relationship I have with you. Thank you for your Word. And the way it speaks in my life. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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