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Learn to Love Yourself (Part 1)- Understanding Your Value

Introduction Video: Understanding Your Value

Chicks Challenge. For the next week, spend a little time each day thinking about the things you love about yourself.

Be intentional. Write down what comes to mind...No matter how big or small.

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you feel love for yourself. To see God’s plans when He designed you.

You can be humble. And recognize your strengths.

Resist throwing in negative comments. Or using sarcasm to tear yourself down.


Habit Tracker Info

Use A Habit Tracker to help you get started! Click picture for Printable

Along the side list habits you want to START.

  • Prayer Time- Asking God to help you learn to love yourself

  • Reflected on positives about myself

  • Said Positive Things to Others

  • Said Positive Things to Myself

Also list things you want to STOP.

  • Said critical things about another person

  • Said critical things about myself

  • Focused on Negative things

Click for printable.

Need more information on how to use a habit tracker?


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