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Relationships: See Past Looks Into His Heart.


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Attractive guys tend to get a lot of attention. In fact, girls even fight over them.

...Keep in mind. Over the years looks fade. Hair grays. Faces wrinkle.

But kindness, compassion, and love can grow, if you pick one that has a good heart. Look for a guy who respects you. Treats you with honor. And helps you through bad moments, rather than blowing you off.

Find a guy that hugs you and prays for you, when you cry!

Because if he is mean to you, the love won’t last. No matter how attractive he is. God cares more about a person’s heart, than appearance. So should you



Lord, why do I accept such poor treatment from guys? Something in me wants love so badly that accept whatever I am given. I know your love is perfect. Let me feel your love. To be made complete through it. Then bring a guy into my life who loves you. Who has a kind and pure heart. I know he won't be perfect. I just want him to love Jesus. Thanks for your help, God. In Jesus' Name, Amen.


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