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Heart Mood Tracker for the Light Strand Journal


Using A Mood Tracker to Track Mental Health

Mood trackers are a great addition to your Light Strand Journal. They can help you identify mood patterns and triggers.

Allowing you to be proactive in situations that can cause Anxiety, Depression, or Spiraling Thoughts.


Add Prayer to the Mix

Part of being proactive. Pray before, during, or after situations that cause you emotional distress.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal the root of what stirs these emotions with in you. As you begin to understand the source, look for scripture to memorize that will keep your thoughts focused on God.


Attack Triggers and Emotions that Make it Hard to Function

In order to diminish the power of things like anxiety and depression, you must work through them outside the moments when they occur.

Study, Prayer, & Reflection are definitely effective. Counseling may also be needed, if a traumatic event is at the base of your emotion.

Check Out the Winter Mood Tracker post below for more information.


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