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You Phone: How To Build Better Relationships By Putting It Down


Your Phone. Useful...and distracting sometimes.

Times to put it down.

When you’re with other people...........................

  • Tuck your phone away, so you are present. Hear what people are saying. Relationships are built on listening and sharing. We all need friends

Feeling jealous or bad about yourself? ................. Put the phone down.

  • Social media is like looking at a magazine. You have no idea what filters the person used to look good.

  • Or the hard parts of their day. You are seeing a picture of a good moment. Stop comparing your whole reality to their one moment in time.

Struggling to think of the last time you actually talked to someone about how you feel?

  • Put the phone down! You wouldn’t consider someone on TV a close friend. Sharing your feelings with trusted friends helps you cope with hard stuff and makes you feel understood.

Other Action Steps

Phones are great, unless they are getting in the way of your relationships....

Consider shutting off social media notifications... That way your phone isn’t constantly demanding attention. You will get the messages when you choose to check them.

In 2019, remind yourself to put your phone down and connect with the people around you.


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