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Sex: Why God Designed It With Boundaries


Sex was designed by God to be a beautiful part of the marriage relationship. God set up boundaries to keep you from getting burned and damaged.

Dysfunctional sex is only about the physical interaction. That is how society views sex. The truth is that the uniting is meant to be a connection sacred to the marriage covenant. A joining physically and spiritually that no one is to separate.

Connecting spiritually and physically, within the boundaries of marriage, deepens the love relationship. You are receiving God’s best gift.

People who only connect physically through sex get bored and have to keep taking things to the next level. Sex either gets really weird or partners become disposable, as the person looks for the next high.

Take the time to learn about how God designed sex, from scripture or church leaders. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you understand.

You won’t regret it.



Hey God. So at school adults talk about sex like we shouldn't do it to keep from getting pregnant or STD's. No one talks about it at church. So how are we supposed to know what you think about sex? I want to know the way you see it. Why does it matter if I have sex with people other than my husband. Can you lead to the places that will give me more information? Give me the courage to ask someone. Thanks for everything. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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